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What’s Luhan’s full name?

i’ve been obsessed with EXO ever since the first teaser came out, but i do look at exo m more than exo k. so i feel like a bad fan for not knowing this, but why is it that Luhan’s name is never fully written out? I’ll see the rest of Exo m’s names written out with the surname and everything, but Luhan is just plain Luhan.

edit: ohhhhh ok. its probably cuz i always saw it together as Luhan instead of Lu Han. thanks for clearing it up for me

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  2. seia07 answered: i am a chinese fan,his full name is luhan。his family name is lu(in chinese 鹿)。and his first name is han(晗)。in chinese,means deer in dawn
  3. fatborm answered: i think Lu Han is his full name. Lu is his family name. ^^
  4. luxiaohan answered: haha yeah his surname is Lu. :)
  5. miss-zarzamora answered: Soo is it clear now? His name is Han :P
  6. crystalversion answered: Lu is his last name, and Han is his given name. Kinda like for Hangeng, Han is his last name.
  7. luhanlu answered: Lu Han(鹿晗)is his full name and ture name.
  8. rakuuchou answered: Lu han’s surname is Lu. :)
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