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120605 EXO-K Interview

SM’s new boy group has been standing in the middle of hot topics since their debut was announced. SM, the ‘Master of Idols’, has released a new group and the attention being received by fans and music representatives is explosive.

EXO has been different from the start. The order of which the members of EXO were revealed was different compared to other idol groups’ promotions. The members have been revealed one by one through photos and teasers instead of being revealed at once, starting with Kai. It has been 100 days from the start of their teasers till their debut stage, the showcase. Just like the saying ‘bears grow by eating artemesia and garlic’, EXO grew up by eating teasers and photos.

Followed by the kings of teenagers, the myth of idols, a god from the east, a super rainfall of the music industry, shining idols; SM’s new future are the boys from the alien world who possess superpowers. They are divided into K and M to take over the world.

We firstly met up with EXO-K, which consists of Kai, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun and D.O. They debuted with the song ‘MAMA’.

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All six members have their own special skills. Kai has teleportation skills, Sehun controls wind, Suho controls water, Baekhyun controls light, Chanyeol controls fire, and D.O controls strength.

Suho has stated, “Even though we look silly and childish, I’m still proud of it.” The leader spoke with utmost confidence. Kai has also said, “It’s quite unbelievable. Its unbelievable but we really do have superpowers.”

When asked what they thought about other people’s powers, Kai had stated, “Even though I’m satisified with my own powers, I’m somewhat jealous of EXO-M’s Tao’s power. Being able to sleep and rest a lot, and even being able to rewind time and do a better job at the live broadcasts of music programs. I wish it was real,” and Baekhyun had also added, “I’m jealous of EXO-M’s Luhan’s power. Because when we’re lazy we can just move things towards ourselves,” he spoke while laughing.

SM’s new boygroup has been receiving as much attention as their seniors, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, amongst others. And that is when they had confessed that it was a huge burden.

"There is a huge burden on our chests, of course. Because all of our seniors are doing so well, we sort of wonder if we can do the same. And also because of the 100 day promotion, all expectations shot up really high, so we were extremely worried. But it seems as if during the period of our waiting, we worked really hard," Chanyeol had stated.

"Of course there were lots of burdens on us. We all spent quite a while in the company and we all want to be like our seniors, so there were a lot of worries. It would be great if we could be as good as our seniors. (smiles)"

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The attention they’ve been receiving is getting bigger as it’s been a while since SM’s latest group debut. We even spotted SHINee fully monitoring EXO-K’s stage at KBS 2TV’s Music Bank and giving them advice, which gave off a heartwarming atmosphere.

"Senior U-Know Yunho called us after our first broadcast on ‘Inkigayo’. He called after monitoring us during his stay in Japan for his concert at Tokyo Dome," Chanyeol said, seemingly overwhelmed. "We listened to it together in the practice room on speakerphone. It was touching because he gave advice to each member."

EXO-M and EXO-K are like a team yet a family despite the fact that EXO-M are far away in China. When asked about EXO-M, they had given us a serious answer.

"Brothers? It’s our other half. Since we are one team. I think we can also call them our reflection in the water or a mirror? We are currently doing what we can in Korea and China, but I think we can do better on stage together."

EXO-K does not feel a language barrier with EXO-M even though there are two Korean members (Chen and Xiumin) within the group. They made us laugh by saying “We have to improve our Chinese if the Chinese members are there but it’s more like us learning Korean since they are so good in Korean.”

"K and M use different languages, and the visuals and atmosphere is also different. The tone of the songs and performances are different as well. If you listen to K and M, the songs feel completely different. I think EXO’s strong point is being one team with completely different charms." (Suho)

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There has been flood of boy groups in 2012. What is EXO’s weapon to stay on top of those male idol groups? Baekhyun explained, “The best part is having K and M promoting at the same time with one song but in different languages.” Chanyeol caused laughter after saying “Each idol group has a visual representative but us EXO-K are all visual representatives,” and “It’s an ant hell. You cannot escape from it,” and showing his intense gaze.

"Our goal for this year is the Rookie Award. EXO-K will work harder with promotions. We will show our hardworking sides by responding to the big amount of love you’re giving us. And we will always be a modest EXO-K. We will become a cool group that will not lose its roots and is always well-mannered."

The energetic six boys coming from outer space have already started taking over the Korean music industry. EXO-K’s ‘this star like the earth’ and ‘the history created by six boys’ starts now.

Someone said this when we said that we’ll meet EXO-K: “What did you eat to be this good looking?” We were asking really ourselves ‘What did you eat to be this good looking?’ after the members jokingly said “All six members are visuals”. But EXO-K’s answer was, “We just eat food.” It seems like the famous saying wasn’t wrong: a person who can make it will make it.

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Full name is Kim Junmyeon. Born on the 22nd of May 1991. 174cm. He started his training at SM in 2006 and has the longest trainee period out of all the members in EXO-K.

His hobbies and specialities are acting and golf. Due to his luxurious hobby as a golfer from his Level 8 rank in Kangnam Golf, he is also named as ‘Just Rich’. According to Kai, Suho was born to be a leader. “I had spent 5 years with him as a trainee and he bought me a lot of delicious food. He is rich,” he had said, hence his nickname ‘Just Rich’ but his eyes twinkled whilst saying, “I wasn’t close with Suho-hyung for 2 years, but I thought of him as a great hyung after he bought me food, and from then onwards we became close. I admire him.” ‘Free’ was the leader’s first qualification and told them to fill their stomachs. Suho made an agreement that he will take responsibility for the members in case any warnings come to pass them by, and from that day on, he was already holding the title of a leader.

Leader Suho has powers but he is concerned over the members’ elementary-student-like taste in food. The members like to eat chicken, pizza and ham hocks for snacks, and to this, Suho said, “The members use their powers but their tastes are just like that of primary school students.”

Suho has other nicknames such as JunMen and MyunChael, which are Junmyun+Amen and Junmyun+Michael respectively. JunMen and MyunChael started off when people said that his stage presence and expressions are saintly. There is also Junmyun+Sungmo Maria (Saint Mary) which makes Junmomaria. Suho said that he is quite satisfied with those nicknames but Joynews24 couldn’t fully confirm that.

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Before debut, Suho was said to be in charge of talking within the team. Suho seemed to be at a loss for words after his other members started taking charge, even though he has just done a little talking at the showcase and their ‘Music Bank’ interview. The reporter commented, “You don’t seem to talk much these days,” but he responded in a sad tone by saying “The dongsaengs are so good in talking that I’ve lost my place. I shall be better in organizing and being a pillar of support.”

According to the members, Suho is in charge of being serious, quality, model, taking the lead and hugs. EXO-K members picked his luxurious yet soft side when he has charisma as his biggest charm.

Suho’s weakness is losing at rock, paper, scissors. Suho usually loses when they do rock, paper, scissors to see who will clear up the mess after having a snack. “They are already on top of me. I am losing just for the dongsaengs,” he backlashed. We then decided to have a rock, paper, scissors game between the reporter and Suho. The reporter won. Suho then nodded to what the dongsaengs said, “We already know hyung’s rock, paper, scissor pattern.”

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Full name is Kim Jongin. Born on the 14th of January 1994. Standing at 182cm, he won SM’s 10th Teenager Dance Battle Competition. He also won the popularity award which already gave him the light to succeed as a star. He is the member with the second-longest trainee period after Suho. He is friends with Taemin but he has captured lots of noonas, aunt fans in their 20’s to 30’s, with his performance and sexy expressions. He is a person with dangerous charms that makes people keep the word ‘oppa’ in front of him. The reality is that he is in the maknae line of EXO-K.

He has the nickname ‘Dancing Machine’, just like how we was named ‘dance jjang’ with his outstanding dance skills. His other nickname is ‘Teaser Rich’. He had appeared in 12 of the 23 teasers and was the first member to be revealed in the series of teasers. He was in 50% of them. This is the reason why he is called ‘Teaser Rich’.

Kai wasn’t used to the name ‘Kai’ given by the office so he wasn’t even able to call himself ‘Kai’. He smiled like a child saying, “I like an anime called ‘Top Blade’ and my favorite character in the anime is also called Kai. It feels good to have the same name.” You’re not allowed to forget that Kai is a 94-er. Let’s forget the fact that he would not like animes because he is 19 and an oppa.

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His hobbies and specialities are dance, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, locking etc. and he is able to do various dances. This is why Kai is in the center of EXO-K when it comes to performances.

Kai was ranked 1st among the members with the most charisma. Kai was happy and nodded, saying, “I am 1st when it comes to charisma.” Suho complimented him by saying, “I can feel his charisma on stage. His dark skin is sexy. He is good at performances and he has this expression to act out,” and “I got goosebumps in the part of the music video when Kai has a solo soot in the ‘MAMA’ part because it was so cool.” On the other hand, he was ranked last in terms aegyo. This is because he doesn’t have any aegyo.

Kai is in charge of sexiness in the group. Kai said, “At first I opposed to it, but now I quit that and am following up with it.” He is a man who can catch up with this easily.

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Full name is Do Kyungsoo. He was born on the 12th of January 1993. He stands at 174cm. He and Baekhyun have the shortest trainee period within the group, with one year after starting in 2010. You can often see him on posts with the title ‘The Celebrity Who Finds Fans Fascinating’. D.O’s trademark is his eyes popping out after seeing his fans. There is even a photo of D.O with the file named ‘A_celebrity_of_the_peninsula_finding_fans_fascinating.jpg’. D.O’s small accident with ‘Superior Orchestra’ on ‘Inkigayo’ had also become one of the fans and D.O’s restricted videos.

D.O’s stage name comes from his last name ‘Do’ with the letters separated and said separately. His hobbies and specialities are singing and beatboxing.

Due to his big eyes and its clean white parts, he is nicknamed ‘Rich in Whites’. Unlike his charisma on stage, he is very shy and has spoken the least in this interview. When we asked him specific questions, he rolled his eyes and showed a bit of his shy cuteness. He still seems fascinated by interviews and fans.

D.O looks like he’d have a lot of aegyo but he doesn’t. According to the members, he is just cute. The members of EXO-K said, “His surprised expressions when he sees his fans off-stage are cute,” and “He looks unexpectedly cute in the photos taken by the fans. He has no aegyo though.”

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D.O is the mother of EXO-K. He is in charge of cooking. He gives off the vibe of a mother when he looks after the members. If the members are sick or hurt, he’d get medicine right away to show his concern. Being able to cook well is D.O’s charm. The members said that he is especially good at cooking spaghetti.

The members complimented him by saying that D.O is versatile, but “He is not completely good at one dish.” D.O’s eyes grew bigger to EXO-K’s words. “He isn’t completely good at one thing but he is good at various things. It’s very delicious but there’s nothing that stands out.” 

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Full name is Park Chanyeol. He was born on the 27th of November 1992. Standing at 185cm, he started his trainee period at SM in 2008. the name Chanyeol comes from the name of a solid fruit. His hobbies and specialities are playing instruments and rap, acting, playing the guitar, drums, bass, djembe, etc.

Chanyeol who stands very tall and has the looks of a model, he is also called ‘Teeth Rich’. “The fans also call me the Nation’s Teeth because of my nearly-perfect teeth. I never had braces, so it’s fascinating,” and “But my teeth are weak. I had broken a tooth once after eating chicken and accidentally biting on the fork and chopstick.” Chanyeol is currently paying a lot of attention to his gums. “I want to do a gum or a toothpaste CF”.

He has round eyes and suave appearance, but he is quite competitive and does not like to lose. Due to this, he’d win against Suho a lot when deciding who would clean up. Chanyeol thinks of himself as EXO-K’s happy virus. Chanyeol seems quite satisfied with the happiness he gives to the fans. “I have good chemistry with people. My nickname used to be ‘Explosive Chemistry’.” According to Kai, Chanyeol was described as “I was confused at first. Baekhyun-hyung came in late, but I could get close to Chanyeol-hyung within a day. He’s got great chemistry with people.”

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On his cute appearance: “I think it’s my charming point right now, but when I was young, I used to think my ears were my complex,” Chanyeol said. He also said, “I got picked on a lot because of my ears so I didn’t want to pierce my ears because it might stand out more,” and “I don’t know what will happen from now on, but I don’t want to do it.” Chanyeol was ranked in the higher half for ‘most aegyo’, and to this, he said “You’d get goosebumps with the small sounds I make, just like when you dig a hole.” He gave us a cute smile mixed with aegyo. Since you’d get goosebumps, there is actually no need for aegyo.

Another worry of Chanyeol’s is that he cannot be charismatic even though he changes his expressions. When he tried to make faces to look stronger in the music video, the producer told him not to do so. “The producer told me to do it with a straight face,” and “The song is really, really good but I want to sing a song that shines more.”

Chanyeol got together with EXO-K through love and conceitedness. He showed his confidence by saying, “All six members of EXO-K are in charge of visuals,” and “It’s an ant hell. You cannot escape it.”

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Full name is Oh Sehun. He was born on the 12th of April 1994. He stands at 181cm tall. He was born in the same year as Kai, but he is in fact the maknae of EXO-K. He was casted as an SM trainee in 2008 to prepare to become a singer.

His hobbies and specialities are dancing and acting. His nickname is ‘Noona Rich’. Not only because he has a noona, but because he is the maknae of the team. He was picked as the cutest member. The members looked at Sehun with lovable gazes. “He’s so cute that we can’t punish him. His frivolous side is cute.”

But Sehun went blank with their words about being cute. Sehun responded “I don’t think I’m cute,” and “I don’t like being called cute. I want to be called cool.” Fans, lets all call Sehun ‘cool’ and ‘charismatic’ when we see him. Then Sehun might give us his big flower-like smile.

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According to the members, Sehun is EXO-K’s visual. The members gave a thumbs up to Sehun’s visuals and Sehun said, “It’s not right to call myself the visual when the hyungs are more good looking,” and got shy. Instead of calling himself good looking, he said “I have a long back,” and the members said “It’s a trend to wear baggy pants, but for Sehun it looks like he is, even though it fits perfectly.

The maknae line Kai and Sehun have something in common. They look more mature than their actual age. Sehun doesn’t get shocked with the word ‘looking old’ and once said on a radio show, “Noonas are not allowed to call me oppa,” and made the noonas and aunt fans collapse. It seems like Sehun will have to take the role of Choi Hyojong at Gag Concert in the section ‘Affection Man’. He will clear up all the unclear things.

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Full name is Byun Baekhyun. He was born on the 6th of May 1992. He stands at 175cm and was the last to join EXO-K after his casting in 2011.

Baekhyun is the member who got to debut the fastest in SM. He started his trainee period after getting casted after his university entrance exam. He made a luxurious entrance with the showcase on the 8th of April 2012. Kai’s first teaser was revealed on the 23rd of December 2011 and on the following 29th, K’s Kai and M’s Luhan, Tao and Chen made an appearance on SBS’ ‘Gayo Daejun’. We cannot tell how much time Baekhyun had put into his training.

Baekhyun is in charge of ‘kkab’ in EXO-K. Baekhyun’s kkab is showcased in many videos but Baekhyun does not practice his kkab for such videos. Now, we want to protect Baekhyun’s ‘rights’ as he is a part of ‘Super Idols’ EXO.

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The similarity he has with Chanyeol is his ‘chemistry between people’. He was able to get close with the members in such a short period of time. However, Baekhyun is the member who gave the least exposure about himself. He was mostly talking about the other members or EXO. He knows the members well and shows that he is close with them.

His hobbies and specialities are hapkido and paino. Baekhyun is the type who would say everything during the first interview, and during a fansign he was surprised by a fan who wore a mask of Chanyeol’s face. His hobby being stated as ‘hapkido’ seems quite suspicious, but we’ll let that slide. Baekhyun confessed, “They kept asking me to do bbuing bbuing during the fansign and I feel uneasy about that.” Let’s ask for an aegyo other than bbuing bbuing next time.

Within the team, Baekhyun is also in charge of chatting and noise. The members exposed Baekhyun a bit more. “He is noisy from night till morning. He goes around by saying ‘Ah~’”. He is part of the hyung line in the team but is also the mascot who is cute.

Source: Joynews
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